Finally got a chance to watch the season 8 premier, and have to say my absolute favorite part was the awkward hug between Clara and Number 12. Week = made.

It’s Wednesday, guys. And time to think seriously about a new automobile purchase.

This was a commission I began a couple weeks ago for the National Field Archery Association who wanted a new mascot. We have since moved onto another design altogether, but I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I had deprived the world of this buffalo’s manic little face.

So here you go: a slightly insane buffalo being ridden by two youth archers whose lives have been transformed into an FPS on hard mode.

Love, Kat!

Step 1: Underpants.

Step 2: …

Step 3: Profit.

Being in Portland for the last three months has been an absolutely amazing experience, but what I’ll miss most is definitely the group of amazing, talented people at this studio. Thanks for putting up with me and making my comics SO MUCH BETTER!

Alas, I must go, the winterlands summon me!

Love, Kat! :)

During my internship here in Portland I’ve been staying with a very wonderful couple. They’ve been gracious enough to let me live with them for the past three months and I hope they’ve enjoyed my company as much as I’ve enjoyed theirs.

Their home is awash with farm decorations, namely of holstein cows. I decided to paint them a welcome sign for their entryway. I haven’t worked with watercolors for about three years, so I was happy to find it came back to me without too much issue.


- Kat

And here we see the majestic Fury getting super drunk and yelling about the war times.

Another few sample pages I’ve made, these ones from Garth Ennis’ Punisher #55 script. I wanted to see how I would handle drawing a whole scene that takes place at one table in a bar. Pretty challenging for me, but I think it was a really good exercise!

(sorry for this plastered superhero’s poor choice of words on the final page)

Enjoy! - Kat

This is a city landscape study I did about a month ago to practice with inking and ink wash. Based on a shot in Minneapolis.

Errbody have a good weekend!

- Kat

Happy Mothers Day to all great moms out there and to my own, who makes icing and sometimes feeds it to her cats.

Go draw something pretty for your mom or mom-type figure, post-haste!

- Kat


can you tell the exact point in time where I stopped trying to make this into a comprehensible tutorial

ahhh but there you go anon! I hope you find this tutorial useful ahah;; I find that observing real life (or just googling up faces and expressions) really help with understanding faces and how they do the thing. So keep on practicing!

super useful. super helpful. just super good.

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